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The VISTA-P4 is primarily designed for mobile and embedded applications. It is the ideal machine vision system for those who need a high-performance, PC-based platform in a compact and industrial package.


         Operates just like a desktop PC

         Extremely high performance

         Works with popular frame grabbers

         USB, IEEE 1394 and GigE VISION interfaces for suitable cameras

         Compact, industrial enclosure, 7.48 (H) x 7.68 (W) x 3.27 (D) inches only

         Easy access to all connectors from one side

         Runs on single 12 VDC supply voltage

         Proven off-the-shelf PC technology

         Completely solid-state operation








See the product literature for further details.


The vpEXTRA is an open-architecture machine vision engine that encapsulates the power and functionality of Cognex VisionPro into a reusable software platform to develop complex applications with just a few lines of code. This easy-to-use module can be added to your software, like any other referenced object, to provide your application with instant access to a complete machine vision engine.


The engine provides an image acquisition interface that can dynamically load external assemblies. This innovative approach enables users to develop a Class Library Assembly that implements our Frame Grabber Interface and thereby integrate any imaging hardware. The Base Algorithm Class offers a host of default functionalities that make the development of custom algorithms a breeze. Developers will simply create a new Class Library Assembly by deriving from the Base Class and implementing the required methods.


         Supports unlimited number of frame grabbers (from any suitable supplier) and cameras

         Built-in interface for Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Optical Calibration (linear and non-linear) of cameras

         Open-architecture for adding custom, user-developed inspection algorithms

         Ability to capture and analyze multiple images, even from different frame grabbers and cameras, to deal with demanding inspection algorithms

         Unlimited number of graphical display objects for showing the inspection images and results









Check the vpExtra product literature for further details.



Using our vpEXTRA, complex industrial  applications can be developed easily and quickly. The open-architecture engine can be combined with our RoboCAL and AccuTCP products to address camera calibration for robotics applications and relate image coordinates to the tool-tip (gripper) position.

The vpEXTRA is a powerful tool that can be used to develop PC-based machine vision systems quickly and cost-effectively. Indeed, the development of a new system may involve only the GUI and image analysis routine. Hence, all other functionalities, such as dealing with image acquisition, calibration, management of user and system-dependant parameters, execution of algorithms, and so on, are available without developing any new code.

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